About Andrew

Hello, my name is Andrew Cliffe and I am a photographer currently living in Birmingham, UK. I have lived in my life in some glorious places- such as Yorkshire and Northumberland. I have always been interested in people, food and travel. I recently started being more active and enjoy being in the outdoors. 

I like to photograph a range of things but I enjoy people, events and the outdoors. I am a firm believer that taking a good photo is about being in the right place at the right time and also having the right equipment to take the shot you seek. It’s not about having expensive equipment if you do not understand exposure. You need the right equipment for the right job.

Landscape vs wedding photographer requires different equipment, i.e. for landscape you need waterproof clothing and walking boots. 

I thought long and hard about being a travel photographer but I personally hate flying, so that’s never good. I have been on various tours on Holiday and it made me realize that I could combine my love of photography with my love for travel and the outdoors. I have been on tours which frankly have been poor, some have been excellent. I have looked at photography tours, but they are usually out of my price bracket- so I am not their ideal customer. 

I have been photographing professionally for around 3 years, and always had a camera in my band, even in my teenage years. 

I have attended seminars and events and did wedding photography training with Chris Chambers, a leading wedding photographer. I have had no formal training but I have shot over 200,000 images and been in a variety of situations. 

I use professional photo software to enhance images, I do not like editing too much, I like to capture things in camera as much as I can. 

It has taken me awhile to figure out my photography niche. I like many things, I like to be creative but I also like to capture the natural. Choreography of poses, action or gestures has its place. However also the natural, free will and spontaneity has its place too. I think a photograph to me- resembles art, when everything comes together- it makes you go wow. It sends a little tingle down my neck and the natural tendency is to share it with the world. 

I have had a camera with me for over 10 years but got more involved in it around 5 years ago. I haven’t always had the money either to keep up with the latest releases. I attended the photography show and the message was clear, it’s not what kit you have, it’s what you create.

I hope to leave a legacy with my photography, the most obvious way is memories captured for people. 

When I was 13, I wanted to be a journalist, it was my ambition until I figured my skill in written English was not great. It was only when I reached 25, I realized actually I could be a photojournalist. 

I toyed with different ideas, always experimenting and see what I enjoyed the most. Time and time again, I enjoyed one thing- which was seeing a great image.The highlight is when someone else goes “ wow” and shows the appreciation. 

I do not seek to make a fortune, I seek to create memories and enjoyment.

Do I see myself as a wedding photographer? A sports photographer? A portrait professional?

The answer to all these is no and yes.

I am a photographer and being a photographer means I can be adaptable but the world sometimes likes to fit you in a box, that becomes your specialism.

I want to be good, but I don’t want to limit myself. 

After some soul searching and figuring out where I want to go, I decided on being a documentary photographer. I will capture things which are happening and document them. 

In my view, that can incorporate everything I love doing. For example- a wedding is a story, a sports match is an event, a portrait of someone- is that person, in that precise time. 

The person I am today will be different to the person I am tomorrow. It is the same for anyone. 

Therefore documentary photography enables me to the person I want to be, to take great photos, to take raw motions and combine them. Photos don’t just capture happy times though, they capture sombre and sad times. A photo can change the world. I hope to change the world in terms of the memories I create. I thank you for visiting me. 

Any questions, feel free to contact me.